Level 2 2020:
Netherlands: January 11-12
Jura: January 24-29
Canada February 21 – March 5  2020.  Starting on the 21th,  at noon in Cremona, ending on the 5th at the end of the day in Cremona (Pick-up & Drop off in Cochrane)
Register: CSWI Level 2 2020
This course can be done as a Winter Travel & Survival training as well, see:

Level 1 2020
April 6-7 Wilderness First Aid
April 16-19 IGA AI Course and Group Management
July 4-5
August 22-23
France (not mandatory):
Jura wintertraining: January 20-25
Alps: April 27 – May 2
Canada: September 5- September 22
Register: CSWI Level 1 2020

Level 2 2021
France: TBA
Canada: Feb 19- March 4
Register: CSWI Level 2 2021



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  1. Dag Raoul. Ik heb belangstelling voor de cursus CWSI 1. Is er nog plaats? Hartelijke groet, Toon

  2. Hallo, Ja er is nog plaats. Verdere communicatie graag via Berichten via de site zie ik vaak pas laat.

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