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Wilderness Total Program



Aditional Costs for WT 2-3 and CSWI 1-2-3
WIN Card and the Public land Camping pass (about CAD 45,- in total)
You can purchase these at:

If you are not an EU citizen please contact to register.

Register CSWI


Level 2
January 15-16 Voshaar Eibergen
January 21-26 Jura Mountains
February 18- March 3 Canada

Level 1
January 15-16 Voshaar Eibergen (Not Mandatory)
*January 21-26 Jura Mountains Winter Travel & Survival*
March 19-20 Voshaar Eibergen Medic First Aid
April 9-10 Voshaar Eibergen Wilderness Meeting
April 11-12 WRFA
April 15-16 IGA Interpretive Guide Voshaar Eibergen
April 23-24 Voshaar Eibergen Group Management
July 2-3 Voshaar Eibergen
*August 2-6 French Alps*
August 27-28 Voshaar Eibergen
September 9-26 Canada
*You can choose between the Jura or the Alps


Refunding of registration / course fee: No course fees will be refunded. We do think in solutions in case of injuries, illness or other serious circumstances.



Level 2

Jan 14-15 Voshaar Eibergen
Jan 20-25 Jura Mountains
Feb 17 – March 2 Canada

Level 1

Jan 14-15 Voshaar Eibergen Wilderness Meeting
*Jan 20-25 Jura Mountains
March 18-19 Medic First Aid, Voshaar Eibergen
April 7-8 IGA Interpretive Guide, Voshaar Eibergen
April 15-16 Voshaar, Eibergen Wilderness Meeting
April 17-18 Wilderness & Remote First Aid. Voshaar, Eibergen
April 22-23 Group Management
July 1-2 Wilderness Meeting, Voshaar Eibergen
*August 1-5 French Alps
August 26-27 Voshaar Eibergen
September 8-26 Canada
* You can chose between the Jura or the Alps