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Introduction Course Instructors

Raoul Kluivers, Voshaar Outdoor and Education

– CIOS Heerenveen (1992), Athletics and Outdoor Sports
– Interpretive Guides Association, Professional Interpretive Hiking Guide
– IGA Instructor ( IGA award of excellence 2016)
– Rockclimbing instructor
– White Water Kayak Instructor
– Canoe Instructor
– Instructor Map, Compas & GPS
– Instructor ‘Wilderness living skills’
– Fauna and tracking instructor
– Rope rescue instructor
– CSWI Level 3 Guide
– Trainer Athletics
– Teacher Anatomy and training principles
– WGA Guide, Boreal forest level 3.
> 30 years experience in training, guiding and teaching Outdoor sports in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Romania and Canada.
Guiding in Canadian Wilderness Areas since 2000.
– Fulltime Outdoor Sports Instructor and Wilderness Guide since 1995, part-time since 1986.
– Author of the Wilderness Handbook ‘Tracks of the White Wolf’

Logbook Wilderness Raoul Kluivers 2018

Outdoor Experience Logbook Raoul Kluivers 1.0

Profile Raoul Kluivers LinkedIn

Dave Holder, Mahikan Trails

David Holder began his mountain instruction career while serving with the Royal Engineers (British Army) where he was trained as a Mountain Expedition Leader, Biathlon coach, Orienteering coach, climbing supervisor and Rock leader. Leading groups around the world to Britain,Iceland, Norway, Africa, Belize and the USA his journeys led him to Canada where he met his wife Brenda. Marraige, retirement from the military, and Immigraton quickly followed. He currently works with his wife’s company, Mahikan Trails. He is accredited by the ACMG as a Backpacking Guide and the Interpretive Guides Association as a Professional Interpreter. His other Canadian qualifications include: Nordic ski instructor with CANSI, Cave rescue training with BC cave rescue, survival Instructor with Mors Kochanski (author of Northern Bushcraft), Interpretation Canada Training Program, Canoe Instructor and First Aid Instructor.
Dave is in Charge of the safety during the ALONE show (History Channel).

– 21 Years British Army (Royal Engineers)
– Backpacking Guide, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
– Nordic ski Instructor, Canadian Assoc’ of Nordic ski instructors.
– Nordic ski Coach, Ski Du Fond Canada.
– Coaching theory, National Canadian Coaching Program.
– Canoe Instructor (river), Alberta Recreational Canoe Association.
– Advanced Wilderness First Aid. 80 hr cert BC Wilderness first aid association.
– Hunter Education/certification course, Alberta Fish & Wildlife (learning  backcountry survival, navigation, wildlife management, tracking, animal identification, hunting techniques and field dressing of game).
Backcountry Nordic ski leader/avalanche training, Yamnuska, Canmore.
– Interpreter level 2 cert’                 Interpretation Canada.
– Professional Interpreter                 Interpretive Guiding Association
– Survival Instructor.                         Karamat Wilderness Ways Living School
– Qualified Trapper.                           Alberta Trapper’s Association
– Single Pitch Rope Technique (SRT) course and Cave Rescue. Canmore Caverns.
– Cave rescue Training 2 courses       B.C. cave rescue
– Standard First Aid Instructor         Canadian Red Cross
– Wilderness First Aid Instructor       Canadian Red Cross
– Advanced Wilderness First Aid Instructor. Slipstream Wilderness FA
– Standard Recreational Avalanche course level One.
– OCC Leadership Instructor           Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC)
– Wilderness living skills instructor   Mors Kochanski
– Cave Guide for Canmore Caverns (part time 15 years), Canmore, Alberta. Also assisted in teaching SRT and cave rescue for the company
– IGA group Management Instructor

Brenda Holder, Mahikan Trails

Brenda (Cree/Iroquois Métis) was born and raised in the Rockies in Jasper National Park and is pleased to follow her lineage as a traditional Métis guide from the Kwarakwante of Jasper. Learning through research and talking with elders, traditions, which are a part of her heritage, have become a pleasure for her to share with others.

·  Nordic ski instructor with the Canadian association of Nordic ski Instructors
·  Level one Coach NCCP (National Canadian Coaching program)
·  Professional interpreter with Interpretive Guides Association (IGA)
·  Instructor with the IGA
·  Instructor for the Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC)
·  Wilderness and Standard First Aid instructor Red Cross
·  Qualified Hunter with Alberta Hunting Education Association

·  Qualified Instructor with Alberta Hunting Education Association
·  Qualified Trapper with Alberta Trapper Association
·  Standard Recreational Avalanche awareness level one

Awarded the Esquao Award from the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW). The award was in the Health, Medicine and Culture category, for the promotion of those qualities through the client based activities provided by Mahikan Trails Inc.
In 2004, Métis Nation of Alberta Region III awarded her the Métis Entrepreneur of the Year.

Tracey Klettl, Painted Warriors

Tracey is Cree/ Iroquois and irish desent. Tracey is an english riding Instructor, level one guide/instructor/evaluator for the new Equine Canada Trail Riding program and an Archery Coach. She is certified in wilderness first aid, Outdoor Council of Canada and is a member of Team Canada for Archery and has won many national Championships
Tracey is also a certifed instructor for the Hunter education program
Instructor for Outdoor Council of Canada equine field leader, hiking and winter level 1

Tim Mearns, Painted Warriors

Tim is of saulteaux/scottish desent. Tim is a certified Archery coach,Outdoor council of Canada, he is a level one guide/Instructor/Evaluator for the new equine Canada Trail Riding program. He is also a member of Team Canada for Archery and has won many national championships. Tim is also an avid hunter and instructs Hunting programs as well as the Archery and horsemanship
Tim is also a certified instructor with AHEIA for the Hunter education program
Tim is a certified instructor for the Outdoor Council of Canada for Equine feild leader, Hiking and winter level 1. Tim is a first class tracker

Berno Klomp, Voshaar Outdoor & Education

As an autodidact Berno travelled the word and hiked  trails all over Europe, in The Himalaya, Australia and the Andes. Berno is A Natural Woodsman and a real Nature lover.
In 2012 he took his first Course at Voshaar Outdoor and he is connected with our organization as a Instructor and teacher since 2014.

Hike & Survival instructor
Nature & Wildlife Guide
CSWI Level 3, WGA Boreal Forest Level 3 guide.
IGA Interpretive Guide
Guiding in Canadian Wilderness Areas since 2015

Margot Visser, Voshaar Outdoor & Education


Margot is full-time teacher at the Voshaar MBO College and is Specialized in Coaching & Training programs. Margot has a special interest in Medicinal plants and in Nature in general. After the first time in Canada in 2000 she went back to Alberta several times and became a IGA Interpretive Hiking Guide. Margot is also horse riding instructor and she organizes Horse back adventures in the Rockies.

– IGA Interpretive Hiking Guide
– MFA Instructor
– WFA Instructor
– NCOI Certified Coaching & Training

Martyn LeNoble

Martyn is a Certified Cyber Tracker and studies and tracks Mountain Lions in California.
Martyn participates and teaches since 2015 on Courses in Canada with Voshaar Outdoor.
CSWI – IWG Boreal Forest Level 3


David Delafield, Mammut Bushcraft



David has been involved with outdoor education since last century. Sounds like a very long time, but in reality he has only been working in the field for 21 years. His experience includes camp administration, operating outdoor education programs for K-12, assistant instructor to Mors Kochanski and Karamat Wilderness Ways, lead instructor with Mammut Bushcraft, and for the past 18 years as Assistant Professor of Outdoor Leadership at Burman University in Lacombe, AB.

In addition to formal education that added some letters after his name, David maintains active qualifications in wilderness medicine, is a Canoe & Kayak instructor through Paddle Canada, and facilitates programs for Outdoor Council Canada. But the certificate that he appreciates the most was recognition by Mors Kochanski as a Survival & Wilderness Living Skills Instructor.

Joining David on his adventure through life is the most patient, and remarkable musician, Naomi Burns Delafield and their three miniature humans. One of their adventures involved 84 days, 3,038km, 60+ portages, and carried them from the Canadian Rockies to the Hudson Bay in their trusty canoe. Together they tilt their hands towards organic agriculture, humanitarian efforts, and spending every possible moment exploring nature and paddling a growing stable of thoroughbred canoes.

Professional Qualifications, Certifications & Training:


  • Field Leader Instructor, Outdoor Council Canada, Endorsements include:
    • Hiking Instructor
    • Paddling Instructor
    • Navigation Instructor
    • Winter Instructor
  • Hunter Education Instructor, Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association
  • Fishing Education Instructor, Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association
  • Survival and Traditional Wilderness Livings Skills Instructor, as Recognized by Mors Kochanski, Peers, AB
  • Advanced Adventure Medic (80 hours), Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine
  • Paddle Canada Instructor Qualifications:
    • Canoe Tripping Instructor Tandem and Solo,
    • Flatwater Canoeing Instructor,
    • Waterfront Canoeing Instructor,
    • Lake Canoe Instructor: Tandem,
    • Lake Canoe Instructor: Intermediate Solo,
    • Lake Canoe Instructor: Intermediate Tandem,
    • Flatwater Kayak Instructor,
    • Sea Kayak Level I Instructor,
  • Paddle Canada Skills Qualifications:
    • Sea Kayak Level II Skills, Paddle Canada
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT1), Rescue3 International
  • Challenge Course Facilitator, Cedar Ridge Adventures (Project Adventure Accredited)
  • Challenge Course Manager, Cedar Ridge Adventures (Project Adventure Accredited)
  • High Angle Rescue, Cedar Ridge Adventures (Project Adventure Accredited)
  • Search & Rescue Navigation (8 hours), Search and Rescue Alberta
  • Fundamentals of Search & Rescue (40 hours), Search and Rescue Alberta
  • Recreational Avalanche Safety Course (16 hours), Canadian Avalanche Association
  • Class 4 Operator’s License, Alberta Registries
  • Firearms License, Possession and Acquisition, Non-Restricted, Chief Firearm’s Officer of Alberta
  • Firearms License, Possession and Acquisition, Restricted, Chief Firearm’s Officer of Alberta

Ross Hinter

His involvement with Environmental Groups, Wildlife Biologists, the University of Alberta, Environmental Sciences and others, have all contributed to his reputation as an ambassador for the sustainable use of wildlife resources. Ross is passionate about examining the predator-prey relationships and dispelling the myths of hunting / trapping and wildlife habitat that is so vital to real conservation.

Berno, Raoul and David in the Athabasca Valley during the Wilderness Guide Course in 2016