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Wilderness Guides Database (CSWI program)


CSWI Level 1: Wilderness guide, Front Country or Back Country WGA, Level 1 or Boreal Forest Level 2 


CSWI Level 2 : Advanced Wilderness Guide with Winter Specialization, Front Country or Back Country
WGA, Boreal forest level 2

CSWI Level 3 : Professional Wilderness Guide with 4 season qualifications, Back Country.
WGA Boreal forest level 3



Download the list of CSWI Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Guides.

CSWI Database


WGA Wilderness Guides Association

The difference between Front Country and Back Country is subjective and a thin line.
For us the difference is:
Back Country has none, or hardly, cell-phone reception. There is no human settlement within a day walk. Accesibillity is difficult and help in case of emergency could (and normally does) take longer than 12 hours to reach the injured person.
There is also wildlife to consider in decision making (egg. Bears, Cougars).
In our opinion Europe does not have real Back Country, except maybe in the far North ( Arctic) and East (Russia), but that’s it.

A Back Country Guide can take people to remote areas, expedition style.

The Front Country Guide can guide people in Wilderness Areas but these trips will be day hikes and/or multiple day hikes in areas where rescue services can reach them (normally) within 12 hours.

What does a Guide make a Front-Country Guide or a Back-Country Guide:
– Days of training
– Knowledge and Skills
– Other experiences in the field
– Hours and experience in Guiding
– Experience level in Back Country and tough environment
– Level of Certification