Level 2

IMG_20180301_162509_435Wilderness Guide / CSWI – Level 2
CSWI – Level 2 = WGA Wilderness Guide, Boreal Forest Level 2 (Back Country) , Training Level 3 (Guide Expert) and Specialization Winter Travel & Survival

WGA Guide


1- Bushcraft / Wilderness living Skills
2- Orienteering / Routefinding
3- Wintertravel & Survival
4- Hunter Education Course
5- Avalanche Awareness
6- Tracking, Flora & Fauna
7- WFA/MFA re-training
8- Group Management
9- 24 Hours solo test

Total course description in the ‘menu’

Duration  of this course:
14 days Canada
– Overnighting’s in a Cabin, Hostel, Ranch and (of course) in a Quinzee, tents and/or shelter.
6 days France ( Jura winter training)
– overnighting in a quinzee, shelter and/or tent
4 days Netherlands
-Overnighting in a shelter and/or tent

Dates: See menu
(The next level 2 course is in February 2022 )

Costs :
2022: € 3100,-
Payment due upon registration: € 1000,-
( if you have a pair of snowshoes for personal use, € 100,- discount)

If you live in Canada, I suggest contacting Raoul Kluivers at info@voshaaroutdoor.com (cc voshaaroutdoor@gmail.com) . Rates are different for Canadadians (due to several reasons, like car ownership and preparation in Canada instead of Europe)

Overnight accommodation
Course study material
Transportation in Canada

Not including:
Meals, food, beverages
Travel insurance
Return ticket Netherlands/Canada
Transportation in Europe.
Transportation from Calgary airport to Cochrane or Banff (and vise versa)
Accommodation upon arrival and departure.
WIN card and Public lands Camping pass. These are mandatory (about CAD 50,-)

Gearlist > Level 2 Gearlist

Minimum number of students: 4
Maximum number of students: 8



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