Level 2

Wilderness Guide – Level 2-
CSWI – Level 2- is a Boreal Forest Winter Travel & Survival program.

WGA Guide

CSWI Level 2: WGA Wilderness Guide, Boreal Forest Level 2 including the Specialization Winter Travel & Survival.


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Painted warriors

Total course description in the ‘menu’



Duration  of this course:
14 days Canada (Arrival  – Departure )
– Overnighting’s in a Cabin, Hostel, Ranch and (of course) in a Quinzee, tents and/or shelter.
6 days France ( Jura winter training)
– overnighting in a quinzee, shelter and/or tent
4 days Netherlands
-Overnighting in a shelter and/or tent

Dates: See menu
(The next level 2 course is in February 2018 )

Costs :
2018: € 2900,-

Payment due upon registration: € 750,-
( if you have a pair of snowshoes for personal use, € 100,- discount)

Subscription: CSWI Level 2 Subsriciption 2018

The 2018 edition will include the Tracking Specialist  Course
We will be tracking Wolves, Lynx, Wolverines, Coyotes and Cougars during a minimum of 5 days in remote areas

The Medic First Aid course is also included

Overnight accommodation
Course study material
A pair of snowshoes (you can keep these after the course)
Transportation in Canada

Not including:
Meals, food, beverages
Travel insurance
Return ticket Netherlands/Canada
Transportation in Europe.
Transportation from Calgary airport to Cochrane or Banff (and vise versa)
Accommodation upon arrival and departure.

Contact us via email, and we will send you a registration form.

Minimum number of students: 4
Maximum number of students: 8




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