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Personal  equipment:


While in Canada you can bring 2 x bags while traveling with our cars.
Your normal 45 liter daypack  and a 120 Ltr bagpack max


Participants should bring the following items:


-Tent (optional)
-Sailcloth, Poncho or tarp
-Sleeping bag (Minimal -5 Celsius comfort, -20 during wintertraining in Canada) / mat
-Outdoor clothing and footwear.
-Mug, plate and utensils
-Compass and Map Protractor
-Map cover
-Head lamp
-Hydration Pack, Camelback bag, or Water carrier (3 Liters Minimale Total)
-Backpack (80 liter minimale)
-Waterproof markers and fine point Sharpie
-Personal First Aid kit, including Israeli Bandage and ISO Blanket
-GSM that works in Canada
– Photo and Video equipment (on your phone is okay) including Power bank.
-Fire Striker
-Whistle – Mirror
-Walky Talky (simple device)
-Fire steel
-Saw and / or Axe
– First Aid Kit
– Knife
– Waterproof bag(s) / Bearbags
– Rope 2 x 15 mtr minimale
– Entrance map 083F05
You can buy this map at Voshaar Outdoor (if available) or order it at Maptown