Level 3

Wilderness Guide – Level 3-


To  become a Professional Wilderness Guide, it is necessary to get more  experience in guiding and further develop your knowledge and skills.


To become a CSWI Level 3 Guide you need:

–  28 days of extra training (and/or guiding) in Wilderness areas in Canada under supervision of Voshaar Outdoor, Mahikan Trails, Painted Warriors and/or Inroads Mountain sports.
– A solo skill challenge, conducted by Voshaar Outdoor, Mahikan Trails and/or Painted Warriors in Canada.
– A written exam, conducted by Voshaar Outdoor, IGA (The Professional Interpretive Guide exam) and/or Mahikan Trails

– A minimum of 14 days extra training during winter in Canada or an other equivalent country under supervision of Voshaar Outdoor, Mahikan Trails and/or Painted Warriors

To become a WGA Boreal forest Level 3 Guide you also need:
An total of 100 days of guiding a group as a (assistant) Guide in Wilderness areas with an organisation approved by The Wilderness Guides Association.

WGA Guide

CSWI Level 3: WGA Wilderness Guide, Boreal Forest Level 3

CSWI origineel

The logo of the CSWI course is the pawprint of the wolverine, symbol of wilderness, strenght and survival


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