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Horseback Adventures

Explore the Canadian Wilderness on Horseback.
No riding skills needed. Suitable for everyone with an Adventerous heart.

The Mountain Metis and first Nations of the Jasper National Park area were known as the Asiniwuche Winewak, which means the Rocky Mountain People in Cree.

We lived off the land as Hunters and gatherers and later became guides and scouts; we depended on the use of trail horses and packhorses to survive. In this program, we share some of the skills that were crucial for our survival, and hope that all our visitors take away useful skills that will serve them in life. Get up close and personal with a program that gives you horseback skills and confidence to be in the Back Country.

Program designed for

* Complete beginners to learn the ropes
* Experienced riders who want to learn backcountry skills
* People who want a more hands on experience
* To get prepared for a longer back country horse trip

Costs: € 2500,-
Including: overnighters, food  instruction, use of horses, Rodeo ticket, shuttle from and to the Airport in Calgary.
Register: TBA
For more info please contact Margot Visser
e-Mail CC

If you live in Canada or the USA, I suggest contacting our Partners from Painted Warriors . Rates can be different for North Americans. For registration contact Tracey Klettl (Painted Warriors)

Pictures: Roam Creative Calgary