Winter Travel & Survival

Winter Travel & Survival – Canada and France (Netherlands if possible)

NEW: Wintertravel and Survival Certification
This is a combination of the different Courses.

Level 1: Netherlands 4 days and Jura six days.
€ 750,-
Includes FROSTBITE! wilderness meeting.

Level 2: Netherlands 8 days and Jura 2 x 6 days (in two years)
€ 1390,-
Includes FROSTBITE! wilderness meeting (2 x)

Level 3: Netherlands 4 days, Jura 6 days and Canada 14 Days.
€ 3100,-
Includes FROSTBITE! wilderness meeting.

Exclusive travel to and from destination. Travel insurance, food and drinks. Includes campingcosts / lodging.

More information coming up soon.

Our Wilderness Guide Level 2 Course is focussed on Winter Travel & Survival, but we also offer this training as a Specialization Course or ‘just’ as an incredible experience.

Every year we organize a training in the French Jura and at least every two years in the Canadian Rockies.

The Jura training is a 6 days ‘intermediate’ training, the training in Canada is ‘Advanced / Specialized’, 14 days in the Rockies

During both training programs we will cover the folowing subjects
– Bushcraft & Survival / Wilderness Living Skills
– Flora, Fauna, Tracking
– Avalanche Awareness
– Orienteering, Route Finding

In Canada the end of the training wil be a 24 hours Solo or Duo skill Challenge (depending on experience, Knowledge, Skills, pre training, WFA Certification and Endurance we will chose for a solo or duo Challenge) .

Register: Send us an e-mail
Canada: The program will run next to the CSWI / WG Level 2 Course

14 days Canada (Arrival – Departure )
– Overnighting’s in a Cabin, Hostel, Ranch and (of course) in a Quinzee, tents and/or shelter.

Costs :
2022: € 2650,-
Payment due upon registration: € 1000,-
The full amount before December 31th 2021.
Canadians and Americans please contact us before registration, we will send a Register Form. Cost might be different (and in CAD) depending on egg. Car ownership. Registration through our partners from Mahikan Trails.

Overnight accommodation
Course study material
Transportation in Canada

Not including:
Meals, food, beverages
Travel insurance
Return ticket Netherlands/Canada
Transportation from Calgary airport to Cochrane (and vise versa)
Accommodation upon arrival and departure.

Dates 2022: This program will run next to the CSWI Level 2 Course

France: JURA XL!
First and last night overnighter in a ‘Gite’
The other nights overnighter in a shelter, quinzee and/or refuge (You will have to take care of your own food during those days). The first and last night you can order a meal in the gite.

Dates: 2022 January 21-26 (arrival 20th evening – leaving 27th morning)

€ 600,-
Overnight accommodation
Course study material
2 nights in a Gite (Passe Sanitaire Mandatory)
Use of snowshoes, poles, skis

Not included:
Meals, food, beverages
Travel insurance
Travel to, and from France

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