Wilderness Skills Challenge


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We offer a 24-36-48 and 72 hours Solo Skill Challenge at our location in Eibergen, the Netherlands.
Info: https://buitensportopleiding.nl/solo-trainingen/

Within our Level 1 and Level 2 program, a 24 hours solo skill challenge is mandatory to complete the program.

In the near future we are going to organize a Wilderness Skills Challenge for pairs.
10 Days in the Wilderness, operating as a team.

After 3 days of instruction and testing the participents will be send out into the Wilderness for 7 days with limited gear and limited food.
During the 10 days the teams will be challenged with different tasks (fysical, mental and skill testing) . The teams will film them selves and a team of instructors and guides will monitor (mostly from a distance) the achivements of the teams.
Location: Alberta Rockies and/or Foothills.

Maximum: 10 teams
Dates: TBA
Costst: TBA
Participants must have a valid WFA certification

subjects: Oriëntering, Route finding, Wilderness Living Skills, Flora & Fauna, Tracking, Canoeing, Archery,  etc etc

More information coming up soon.

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