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Speakers, Guides and Instructors on the ‘Wilderness Work(s) International Meeting’

David Holder began his mountain instruction career while serving with the Royal Engineers (British Army) where he was trained as a Mountain Expedition Leader, Biathlon coach, Orienteering coach, climbing supervisor and Rock leader. Leading groups around the world to Britain,Iceland, Norway, Africa, Belize and the USA his journeys led him to Canada where he met his wife Brenda. Marraige, retirement from the military, and Immigraton quickly followed. He currently works with his wife’s company, Mahikan Trails. He is accredited by the ACMG as a Backpacking Guide and the Interpretive Guides Association as a Professional Interpreter. His other Canadian qualifications include: Nordic ski instructor with CANSI, Cave rescue training with BC cave rescue, survival Instructor with Mors Kochanski (author of Northern Bushcraft), Interpretation Canada Training Program, Canoe Instructor and First Aid Instructor.

Tracey Gage, Executive Director IGA Tracey has degrees in Wildlife Biology and Geography from Guelph University and has her teaching degree from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. She has worked as a researcher an educator and a guide since 1990 and has been in the Canadian Rockies since 1997. Since her move to the Rockies, she has worked as a backcountry guide, interpretive guide, manager of an interpretive guiding program and an operations manager in the destination management field. Her strengths lie in training and coaching guides in the theory, knowledge and spontaneity of the interpretation field. Tracey loves the mountains and what the Bow Valley has to offer to locals and guests alike. She is an accredited Professional Interpreter and has gone through the ACMG hiking guide training.
> Interpretive Guides Association

Raoul Kluivers is a true allrounder in the Guiding Business. From kayaking white water in the Alps to Wilderness guiding in the Rockies, Snowshoeing in the Jura, tracking Wolves in Canada, Bird research in the Netherlands, Rockclimbing in France. .. you name it and there is a good change he does (or did) and/or teaches it. Raoul is a fulltime Outdoorsports instructor since 1995 (part-time since 1986), a Wilderness Guide (specialized in Boreal forest and the Canadian Rockies) since 2007 and a IGA Professional Interpretive Hiking Guide since 2010.

Brenda Holder (Cree/Iroquois Métis) was born and raised in the Rockies in Jasper National Park and is pleased to follow her lineage as a traditional Métis guide from the Kwarakwante of Jasper. Learning through research and talking with elders, traditions, which are a part of her heritage, have become a pleasure for her to share with others.
Awarded the Esquao Award from the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW). The award was in the Health, Medicine and Culture category, for the promotion of those qualities through the client based activities provided by Mahikan Trails Inc.
In 2004, Métis Nation of Alberta Region III awarded her the Métis Entrepreneur of the Year.

Margot Visser teaches fulltime at Voshaar MBO Outdoorsports & Guiding, a fulltime 3 year study to become an Outdoor Instructor and/or Wilderness Guide.
Margot is Specialized in First Aid, Coaching & Training programs, Group Management and didactics.
She is also an IGA Interpretive Hiking Guide

Martyn LeNoble will speak about his experience in Tracking and Cameratrapping in California and Canada. Mountain Lions have his special interest.

Yannick Vericel is a Canoe / Kayak Guide (Diplomé D’Etat) from France. He will talk about (and show) Canoe safety and technique.

Tycho Veldhoen is one of the best Tattoo artists from the Netherlands and a Wilderness Guide Level 2. He did some old school work at a campfire in Canada on some brave souls 🙂 ey David?…Raoul?…  Thinking about bushcraft, we might want to put that ancient art as a craft in there.. He will show his skills during the meeting.

Richard Coulson-Day wil demonstrate Advanced Rope Rescue Techniques during the meeting


More coming up……


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