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(3) 4-5 April 2020 we will organize an international meeting at Voshaar Outdoor & Education with International Wildernessguides, Specialists and Instructors. Two days of introduction with  ‘Wilderness related’ workshops, speakers, presenters and getting to know people.

This meeting is focussed on Boreal, Arctic and Nemoral Ecozones and the Montane, Subalpine and Alpine Ecoregions.


April 3:
Arrival 18.00- 21.00. Set up camp
21.00 Welcome, first presentation and campfire talks
April 4:
09.00-18.00 Workshops and Presentations
19.00-22.00 Presentations
April 5:
09.00-16.00 Workshops and Presentations
17.00 End of the meeting.

Costs: € 90,-
Members Voshaar Outdoor & Education, IGA Members and WGA Members : € 60,-

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Payment within 7 days after registration: Voshaar Outdoor IBAN: NL88Rabo0316443123 BIC: RaboNL2U

Maximum number of participants: 150

Camping at our location is included.
You will have to take care of your own food and drinks (although there is a bar, drinks only, at our location).
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> Presenters, Speakers, Guides and Instructors

(exact subjects and planning TBA)
– Plant Medicine (Brenda Holder, Margot Visser)
– Edible Plants (Brenda Holder, Margot Visser)
– Wilderness living Skills / Bushcraft (David Holder, Raoul Kluivers, Geert Noordeloos)
– Rope Technique and Rescue (Richard Coulson Day)
– The Primal forest of Bialowieza (Lucasz Mazurek)
– Wildlife Guiding (Lucasz Mazurek)
– First Nation Skills and Culture (Brenda Holder)
– Canoe Technique and Rescue (Yannick Vericel)
– Wilderness First Aid (Brenda Holder, Margot Visser)
– Search & Rescue (Dave Macdonald)
– Tracking and Cameratrapping (Martyn LeNoble)
– Birds and Birdsounds
– Kayaking Technique and Rescue (Richard Coulson-Day, Raoul Kluivers)
– Interpretive Guiding (Tracey Gage)
– The realities of living off the land, Thriving, Surviving, Fasting and Lasting. (David Holder)
– Group Management ( Margot Visser, Tracey Gage, David Holder)
– Legal Responsibilities and Insurance for a Guide
– The Rocky Mountain National Parks and the Interpretive Guides Association (Tracey Gage)
– The Wilderness Guides Association
– Outdoor Cooking (Jeroen Peters)
– Voshaar Outdoor & Education, Courses and Training concerning Wilderness, Hike -Survival, Nature & Wildlife

In the week before and/or after this meeting there will be multiple courses you can register for.

– Wilderness Leader
– Wilderness Guide
– Wilderness Living Skills April 8-9 David Holder
– Wilderness and Remote First Aid April 6-7 Brenda Holder and Margot Visser
Advanced Wilderness and Remote First Aid April 6-11 Brenda Holder and Margot Visser
IGA Interpretive Guide April 16-17 Raoul Kluivers, Tracey Gage
Group Management April 18-19 Raoul Kluivers and David Holder
– IGA Interpretive Hiking Guide April 16-19 Raoul Kluivers, Tracey Gage
– Plant Medicine April 10-11 Brenda Holder and Margot Visser
– Advanced Plant Medicine April 14-15 Brenda Holder
– Tracking April 3 Martyn LeNoble
– Search & Rescue March 30- April 2 Dave Macdonald

We will update this page as soon there is more information.

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> Voshaar Outdoor & Education
> Mahikan Trails
> Painted Warriors
> Interpretive Guides Association
> Wilderness Guides Association

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In Cooperation with:

International Canadian School of Survival
Wild Poland
De Buitenkok
Canadian Red Cross
MFA Europe


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