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Spring Rendez-Vous Wilderness Meeting

April (14) 15-16-2023



Spring Rendez-Vous Wilderness Meeting
April 9-10 2022
April 8: Arrival between 19.00 and 21.30
April 9:10.00-20.00 Workshops and Presentations
21.00 Campfire and bar!
April 10: 10.00-15.30 Workshops and Presentations.

Subjects: Spear and Axe throwing, Rabbit stick, Canoeing, Fire, Shelter, Knife & Axe handling / sharpening, How to clean a Chicken, Map & Compass, Skill Challenge, Rope Rescue.

Wolves of the Canadian Rockies: Presentation by Raoul Kluivers

Zoom presentation on Tracking and Cougars on Saturday 19.30 by Martyn LeNoble

Tycho Veldhoen :presentation on tattooing, on saturday. Afterwards you can get a Tattoo, animaltracks only.
€ 80,- for a Tattoo with a machine
€ 100,- for a Tattoo, old school.
Book a spot by sending an e-mail to


Costs: € 75,-

Camping at our location is included.
You will have to take care of your own food and drinks (although there is a bar, drinks only, at our location).
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