Spring Rendez-Vous Wilderness Meeting


April (8) 9-10 2022

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Spring Rendez-Vous Wilderness Meeting
April 9-10 2022
April 8: Arrival between 19.00 and 21.30
April 9:10.00-20.00 Workshops and Presentations
21.00 Campfire(s)
April 10: 10.00-16.00 Workshops and Presentations.

Costs: € 75,-

Tycho Veldhoen will do a presentation on tattooing. Afterwards you can get a Tattoo, animaltracks only.
€ 80,- for a Tattoo with a machine
€ 100,- for a Tattoo, old school.
Book a spot.

More information and registration soon on this website.


This meeting is focussed on Boreal, Arctic and Nemoral Ecozones and the Montane, Subalpine and Alpine Ecoregions.

Camping at our location is included.
You will have to take care of your own food and drinks (although there is a bar, drinks only, at our location).
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