Complete Wilderness Guide Program


Complete Wilderness Guide Program


Within the Voshaar MBO study, the Wilderness Guide course is a 3 year program.
This MBO training is very complete and is a total of 3300 hours. Students are CSWI level 1 and WGA Guide Boreal / Nemoral Upon completion and can apply for WGA Guide Boreal Forest Level 2. This training includes the specializations Nature & Wildlife, Winter Travel & Survival, Rescue, Tracking, Hiking & Backpacking, Interpretive Guiding and many more (see PDF document on this page)

We also want to offer the opportunity to other candidates to follow the ‘same’ training.
The requirements for WGA Boreal Forest Level 2 will be more than achieved within these three years.  If one wants to continue and complete CSWI Level 2 and 3, we offer a 4th year with a 2nd trip to Canada in the winter. And a 3rd trip to Canada to test skill, knowledge, and fitness. This will be accomplished by being in an assisting role.

The difference with the MBO program is that one does not have to take complete Outdoor Sports classes (such as rock climbing, recreational outdoor sports and whitewater) and no AVO subjects such as Dutch, Math, etc.

Besides the wilderness related subjects, one will be given lessons in teaching and leadership, didactics, public speaking, Coaching & Training, Anatomy and training principles .In addition, a lower number of training / experience hours is required than in the MBO study and some of these training hours are fulfilled within the program, called “Proof of Competence 4”
This PoC consists of preparing and guiding a trip / training in one of the areas we have visited before during the training (Jura, Bialowieza , Alps and / or Canada).  This will of course be done under guidance and supervision of Voshaar Teachers / Instructors / Guides.

Other PoC’s
PoC 1: Organise and teach a one hour Training (prepare three and teach one)
PoC 2: Organise an Event or Training (at least an one day event, maximum two days)

Information in Dutch >
Wildernis Totaal Programma Part-Time 2021
Information in English >
WG Total Program 2021

> Certificeerbare eenheden Wildernis eisen

Year 1, 290 hours: € 2100,-
Year 2, 415 hours: € 3300,-*
* Costs Hike & Survival course included as service, if people want to start in year two, you will have extra hours training to attend though (about 160)
Year 3, 490 hours: € 3600,-
Year 4, 290 hours: € 3000,-
Students must be present at 70% of the hours to pass.
Most of the training outside of the Netherlands is mandatory.

Registration is open for:
Year 1 > Complete WG program 1
Year 1 and 2 Combination > Complete WG program 1 and 2
Year 2 > Complete WG program 2
Year 3 > Complete WG program 3

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